Gallery closed for installation until October 25 2014
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Saturday October 25 2014
6pm - 9pm
@ZhulongGalleryWe're sad to close RE-Surverying: #measuringsite. BUT, we can't wait to open #Systema on October 25. See you there!!2 weeks ago
@ZhulongGalleryRE-Surveying closes today at 5pm! Hurry and stop by! #resurveying #measuringsite #lastday weeks ago
@ZhulongGalleryRE-Surveying closes today at 5pm! Hurry before it's too late! #resurveying #measuringsite #jamesgeurts #zhulonggallery2 weeks ago
@ZhulongGalleryWe're about to drop our first EXHIBITION DOCUMENT @ZhulongGallery on James Geurts' exhibition RE-SURVEYING: #measuringsite. visit our site!!2 weeks ago
@ZhulongGalleryHaven't seen RE-Surveying: Measuring Site with work by James Geurts yet? Come check out this… weeks ago
@ZhulongGalleryA great review by @toddecamplin on James Geurts' exhibition. Closes on October 11, see it while you can!! weeks ago
@ZhulongGalleryFive Random Arty Things That (Maybe) Deserve Best Ofs via @the_mixmaster3 weeks ago
@ZhulongGalleryWho says great ideas aren't for sale?! Thanks dallas observer for this awesome mention. weeks ago